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Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the human body parts are connected to feet. It’s been found that foot massaging is an effective therapy that helps to treat various health issues and restore balance in the body. Stone Foot Massager is the latest Chinese common use that can be used at home. 


  • Removes toxin, keeps fit.
  • Stimulates blood circulation, adjusts the function of entrails, and strengthens immunity of your body
  • Relaxes the muscle ache eases tiredness 


  • Foot reflex points theory
  • Not painful
  • PP special plastic
  • High hardness and wear resistance

Stone Foot Massager stimulates reflex zones, promotes metabolism, clears the meridians, qi, and blood, adjusting visceral function and enhancing immunity

Product Parameters

  • Mat Color: Black
  • Stone Color: Colorful;
  • Material: Plastic, Cloth, Faux Leather
  • Size : 35 x 35cm/13.8"x 13.8"(L*W)
  • Weight: 130g


  • 1 x Foot Massager Pad
  • 1 x Manual

How to use

Not more than 20 minutes at a time. 10 minutes for elderly people and children. Once per day or once every other day. Use it ten times as a course of treatment. Make at least five-day interval in-between the therapies.

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