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A perfect solution to a small kitchen! A Cute kitchen and home gift for housewarming parties, new couples, avid cooks, Mother's Day, bridal registry, and more. Or treat yourself to the ultimate kitchen strainer that makes food prep a snap! Our Service will make you feel comfortable and happy.

  • Space Saving Design: Use this kitchen tool to rinse, strain or drain water without the need of making any extra space in your kitchen for a new appliance. You will fit this one in a gap between your pots and pans.
  • Five Sides Straining: Thanks to this feature, this gadget serves as a strainer even for cooked meals like pasta because it makes the water drains quickly and your skin doesn't get exposed to a hot steam.
  • Built To Last: Six screws hold the sides to the base and each side has its own stoppers to ensure that the strainer will keep the shape no matter what you pour or load in.

Enough For Daily Use: The content of the strainer when unfolded is around 8 liters which make it enough for daily rinsing of salads and vegetables for family dinner or fruit for a snack.


  • Progressive Collapsible Colander will exceed your expectations and will simplify and declutter your life. From the fresh fruits to any vegetables can be used. This Colander will help you save a lot of space, it holds 6 qts
  • Fits most sink shapes & sizes, compact space-saver design collapses and folds, easy to store in tight cupboards and limited space
  • Kitchen strainer convenience features: Non-slip handles gently on all surfaces, dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 158ºF/70ºC


  • 1 x Colander

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