BetterWine decanter and aerator

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What unites all the wine aficionados? They all strive for excellence in taste. Because why serve it regularly if you can release all those vibrant aromas and flavors!
Not only young wines taste better when served with a decanter and through an aerator, but the older and pricey ones (think of 7 years+) naturally produce sediment as they age. Stirring up the sediment when pouring will cloud a wine’s appearance and can impart bitter flavors and a gritty texture. It’s not harmful, but definitely less enjoyable.

For most of the wine connoisseurs, the question is not whether but how long to the decanter. All agree it can't hurt to aerate. 
With BetterWine you do both at the same time! And no need to spend hundreds on fancy fragile vessels that take half of your kitchen. 

So here's how to serve your wine with class:
1. Set the bottle upright for about 24 hours.
2. Remove the capsule and cork, wipe the bottleneck clean.
3. Insert the Betterwine decanter and aerator.
4. Pour wine slowly and steadily, without stopping. Slow down, even more, when you get to the bottom half of the bottle.
5. Stop as soon as you see the sediment reach the neck of the bottle.
6. Toast!


  • Made of stainless acrylic rubber stopper
  • Fits conveniently into the bottle
  • Easily aerates the wine with the air intake system and a filter-air mixture
  • Color: Transparent
  • Total length: 92mm


  • 1x wine aerator

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