Creative Flourish Lama Mobile Phone Stand

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No need for any glue or paste a nail, just pasted it on the wall, even if it is not a flat wall. It is elastic and can be dragged freely with strong adsorption ability. Just pull it lightly off the edge and remove it without leaving any trace. After you tear it off, the glue on it will still work. Just rinse it in the water and it is new immediately! It is not afraid of UV and high-temperature exposure. No melting or deformation occurs even when the temperature reaches 100 degrees centigrade. The adhesive property is very stable, but it is not recommended to challenge its limits.


  • Light, easy to use
  • Multi-functional deformation
  • Firm, sticky, environmental protection
  • High temperature resistant


  • Material: new nano rubber material
  • Pattern: Geometric
  • Weight-bearing: 1000g
  • Application: mobile phone/ car bracket, wall decoration etc.
  • Product color: black

Product Parameters

  • Product size
    • large: 150 X 30 X 5mm Net weight: about 38g
    • small: 137 X 55 X 5mm Net weight: about 23g


  • 1x Large Sticky Anti-Slip GEL Pad 
  • 1x Small Sticky Anti-Slip GEL Pad


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